Ronaldo thought goodbye to Al Nasser even though he had just arrived in Saudi Arabia.

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Cristiano Ronaldo the veteran striker Want to move away from Al Nasser in the Saudi Arabian league. Despite having just moved to play for only a few months.

Ronaldo caused problems off the field, causing Manchester United to cancel his contract during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The 38-year-old forward later signed for Al Nasser in the Saudi Arabian league.

The 38-year-old, who still represents Portugal has accepted a £175million-a-year offer from Al Nasser. There is a contract until 2025. But after entering the field to date It seems that the agency’s performance is not as good as expected. While Ronaldo is being watched for various behaviors. Throughout every game played UFABET 

Another reason is that his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, wants to return to live together in Spain again. That may be the reason why Ronaldo is unhappy with the current situation. And wants to bid farewell to Al Nasser and the Saudi Arabian League. Despite having just moved to play for only a few months.

Earlier, El Nacional reported that Real Madrid were willing to delegate the role of club ambassador to Ronaldo as a club legend. But you can stop thinking about returning to football here. Because the 38-year-old striker should have ended the footballer’s path.