Police confirmed detention ‘Young protesters’ disturbed the Toffee game

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Merseyside Police confirmed they had arrested a teenager who tied himself to a goalpost during Everton’s 1-0 win over Newcastle United at Goodison Park last night.

in the second half The game had to stop for 8 minutes when a man came onto the field with a cable tied himself to the goalpost of the “Taffy” side, causing the officials to be more busy than cutting the line and taking away.

Take this young man away. There were hot-headed fans. That attacked their bodies. And was caught by another.

The statement stated that “A man has been arrested after breaking. Into the stadium during tonight’s Premier League match. Between Everton and Newcastle United.” it said. on the pitch and tied himself to the Howard Kendall Gwladys Street End’s front goalpost.”

“The suspect is a 21-year-old man. Who has been arrested for breaking into the stadium. 

He is now in police detention. And in a police detention room as well.

” “Just Stop Oil supporters locked themselves to the goalposts during the Everton v Newcastle United game,”

21-year-old Just Stop Oil supporter Louis Locke tonight. Himself with the goalpost at Goodison Park wearing a Just Stop Oil t-shirt, causing the referee to stop the game briefly.”

“This is 2022 and it is time to be aware. time to upgrade And not just watching It is time to act urgently. Report after report tells me that My future is getting worse and my government Keep saying don’t worry and pay child support.”

“But we have options. We can choose to focus on the collapsing climate we can choose to oppose the government that is betraying us. We can choose to step up and not just ignore it.”

“Our government is betraying us by funding a new North Sea oil exploration company. The new oil company means destroying the future of children.”

“It means going to war with the small island states. And it means the suffering of the poorest and most underrated people in every region. We have to stop oil. You don’t have to think about anything.”