Nobody could replace Trent-Alexander Arnold after hamstring injury

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Jurgen Klopp, Normal manager Liverpool’s Day confirms Trent Alexander-Arnold assist back A hamstring injury has been out for several weeks, while Mohamed Salah has a minor foot injury

, Trent started during the 2-0 win over Arsenal in the latest match, however, he doesn’t appear to be. Able to enter the field against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup on Sunday

, Klopp said: “Trent has a hamstring injury, he cannot join the England national team. not good news at all We’ll see how long it takes.”

When asked if the key back had to be out for several weeks. The German coach answered ‘right’

, while asked who will take his place, Klopp replied: “It’s tough, now we’ll see how long it will take. Of course… finding a replacement for Trent is difficult, but possible.”

“We always do this, we have Millie when he’s not sick, we have Joe and in theory. We can change the system too. So we have to look at these things.”

“We still have a few options. But if you look back on when Millie had to step up He’s doing great, really good.”

“Just he needs to be ready to go on the field. then it’s ok But what will we do, or will Millie be ready for Sunday? I don’t know right now.” the ufabet report

“If not, maybe we still have the option to be young players. Which is fine as well, or Joe, we’ll have to figure it out.”

“As for the way he plays. I don’t know if any player in the world can play like Trent, to be honest it would be very difficult to find a one-on-one successor.

” The glasses consultant said, Mo had a bit of a sore foot again after the game. (Meet Arsenal)”

“So we have to see how to do it. Other than that, it’s a small matter. So we have to wait.”