Klopp apologizes to Minamino after equalizer in Liverpool’s win

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has apologized to Takumi Minamino for not giving him more playing time. After the Japanese star was the hero who scored the equalizer in the win over Southampton last night.

“I feel like I’m committing a crime for not putting in so many great players in the bench, I’m crazy, my sincere apologies to all the players. But believe me, choosing the real 11 is very difficult. So I tried my best,” the glasses coach told UFABET Sports.

“however All the team members are okay with this. because they believed in me Thankfully, having the opportunity to work together, the kids made it easier for me to work, more flexible. Today’s game proved it with my own eyes. Despite using nine substitutes, he still managed to win the title.

“Their quality of attacking games is as good as the real ones. I am very happy and look forward to seeing you all continue to enjoy football like this. This is one of the most special things for me this season.”

“Seeing them dominate the ball over their opponents and create a lot of chances like that. My heart was really trembling strangely and there were times when I secretly exclaimed, “Wow, these kids are such a mess! It feels like you have a Ferrari. Leave it parked for a long time and take it out for a drive.”

“I don’t even remember the last match Harvey Elliott played, it was also Curtin Jones, so if the cadence is a bit weird, let’s all be there. People look ahead.”

“But for Takumi Minamino, my refusal to use him as a starting and subs is a crime against the quality and career of a great athlete.”