Chelsea died hard, shooting 90+5 to draw with Manchester City 4-4.

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Another classic game in the Premier League happened. When Chelsea showed their toughness and determination to draw with Manchester City 4-4 in the 90th + 5th minute of injury time.

Chelsea got off to an energetic start. In the 12th minute. Cole Palmer cut in and shot with his left foot in the right side of the penalty area. The ball went into the block. Before the Manchester City defense headed back for Ederson to grab it.UFABET

But in the 25th minute, Manchester City were awarded a penalty when James collided with Caicedo. Giving Bernardo Silva a chance to cross from the left side, sending Marc Cugureya away. Trigger Haaland into the moment to charge even though Thiago Silva was able to head in and block it. Even though there was a VAR check for a while. But Anthony Taylor’s decision was confirmed before Haaland scored with Sanchez diving the wrong way, with the City leading 1-0.

In the 28th minute.

Chelsea got a free kick, hoping for a result. Reece James spun into the right place. Ederson flew in to save, deflecting the crossbar. And from a corner kick, Conor Gallagher opened for Thiago Silva. Hovering and heading at the first post into the net, the Blues quickly equalized 1-1.

The City almost regained the lead in the 32nd minute. Foden launched from deep on the right side and crossed Sanchez to the far post for Haaland to plant his foot in a tight corner. But the ball went into the side net.

Two minutes later, Foden cut and spun with his left hand into the right penalty area. But the ball slipped off the post just a little further.

In the 37th minute, Chelsea overtook a 2-1 lead when Cole Palmer pulled up to the right before passing in a hole that looked like it had already been lost. But Yosco Guardiol made a mistake causing James added in and stuffed it into the middle for Sterling to convert from close range into the net.

The Blues should have equalized in the 42nd minute. Starting with Jackson missing the ball before Bernardo Silva had the flow for Haaland to shoot with his left in the penalty area. But Sanchez had a great reaction. Incredible fall save

But until then, City equalized 2-2 in the 45+1 minute from a short corner kick. Bernardo crossed for Manuel Akanji to head alone into the goal.

First half ends, Chelsea draw City 2-2.

In the second half, just in the 47th minute, the sailboat led 3-2 when the ball opened from Julian Alvarez on the starboard into the middle. Haaland fell and swept the ball into the goal, both the man and the ball.

But in the 67th minute, Chelsea equalized 3-3 when substitute Mikailo Mudrik flew to the left before passing to Caicedo, who continued to flow to Gallagher, caught and shot far, and Ederson had already parried. It was Nicholas Jackson who found the back of the net.

But in the 86th minute, Manchester City took a 4-3 lead from balls that bounced in front of Chelsea’s penalty area. In the end, it was Haaland who tapped Rodri to shoot in front of the penalty area with his left foot and deflect Thiago Sil. Wa changed his entrance from another angle, while Sanchez fell in another direction.

But Chelsea refused to give in and received a penalty when Ruben Dias went to attack Armando Broya, a substitute who had only been on the field for 2 minutes, and Cole Palmer, a former sailor. He took on the responsibility of killing and made no mistake, sending the score to 4-4 in the 90+5th minute.

The game ended with Chelsea tying Manchester City 4-4.