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For the game of blackjack online is like a casino card game that is popular all over the world. With a fun game style Excitement to the gamers as well. Blackjack is a game that originated in Europe. In which the method and process of playing cards is simple at first. Only the game player has to make their own cards to have 21 points and they will win. Today we are going to take everyone to see how to play games. To bring everyone to have more fun in the world of blackjack games.

Terminology used in the game of blackjack

First, let’s take a look at that. What are the terms to use in the game of blackjack? In order to increase everyone’s understanding of playing casino games. ทางเข้า ufabet

  • Blackjack  is when the first 2 cards are dealt, the player scores 21 points.
  • Hit  is to want to fight by calling more cards.
  • Stand  is to stop without drawing more cards. because they are satisfied with their own score
  • Double down  is an additional bet. For those who are 100% confident in their own cards (used when dealing 2 cards)
  • Surrender  (used for dealing the first 2 cards) is a guarantee of half the funds. By pressing to surrender in which the player will receive half of the prize money back
  • Insurance  (used for dealing the first 2 cards) When the dealer’s first card is A (with high win potential). You can choose to increase your wager by half of the bet. If the dealer wins a blackjack, the player gets the money here that is insurance, but if the dealer loses, the money is forfeited here.
  • Even Money  , in case the player gets a blackjack card, they can choose to collect first. But the player will win at the rate of 1:1, but if the player agrees to win without collecting the cards first If the dealer gets a blackjack card is always equal but if the dealer loses The player wins at the price of 2:3.

Many other people here may understand the rules of playing blackjack games, so in order to increase their understanding more than before. Follow us to see how to play. how easy it is and how much it allows players to increase the fun and excitement of a blackjack game.