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Baccarat online game is another casino game that has been popular since the past. Because with the format of playing baccarat is an easy way to play. As well as making money for players quickly, the game of Baccarat has become a casino game that is popular all over the world. By playing the game of Baccarat is similar to playing poker. Players can play games from 2 or more, before talking about how to play games, let’s get to know the important details before going into the game. To increase the understanding of playing this online casino game more than ever. 

Counting the cards of the game of Baccarat

As mentioned in the beginning that playing baccarat It is similar to playing poker. So in counting cards will have the same If you have played some poker games will understand the card counting rules of the baccarat game very well which the card counting characteristics

  • In cards 10 / J / Q / K, the card point is 0.
  • Card A has a point equal to 1 point. 
  • The other cards have a card value equal to the face value of the card. 
  • and in the card counting part, but If the player is dealt 6 and 8, which when added together equals 14, means that the player has a point equal to 4. Take the last digit as the player’s score. Therefore, if a player counts their cards and gets 10, that means that the player has no points or is equal to zero.

Example of card counting

  • Players get cards 7 and 6, they get 3 points.
  • Player gets 6 cards and K gets 6 points.

Isn’t it difficult to count the cards of Baccarat? Which, as I said, is similar to counting poker cards. And when you know how to count the cards of this baccarat game, then let’s look at how to play the game. ทางเข้า ufabet