Take care of your health by eating extra virgin olive oil.

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Take care of your health by eating extra virgin olive oil. A brilliant golden-green oil from its origins in Italy. To vegetable oils that are accepte in the medical and beauty circles This is because there are many studies showing that extra virgin olive oil provides good nutritional value for the body. Therefore, eating extra virgin olive oil regularly helps with health as well. 

Helps nourish hair to be soft and smooth. Olive oil is rich in vitamins B and vitamin E that will deeply nourish your hair. Increases softness and makes hair strong. Not brittle or easily broken The olive oil will penetrate into the hair shaft and help maintain moisture, shine, and make the hair look smoother. Ideal for people with dry, damaged, frizzy hair or those whose hair has been damag from hair coloring. Olive oil also helps get rid of dandruff. And it also helps make your hair thick and black.

Helps take care of acne problems. Olive oil benefits can also be use to treat acne. This is because olive oil has natural bactericidal substances. Therefore, it can prevent acne-causing bacteria on the face. In addition, olive oil prevents inflammation. and redness of acne can also occur.

Helps nourish and add moisture to the skin. If you have dry skin Olive oil can help nourish your skin to regain moisture. You can look healthy. Olive oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D and antioxidants. That will help replenish oil to nourish the skin deeply, absorb quickly and retain moisture. When used regularly and continuously Your skin will surely gradually return to being soft and moisturized.

Helps nourish nails to be strong. We can also use extra virgin olive oil as an ingredient to nourish our nails and hands. It is mix with other natural products such as lemon oil, fresh honey, sugar, etc. to help increase strength. Flexibility for nails Olive oil will help nourish your nails and make them less prone to tearing. No flaking or peeling nails. It also helps restore softness to our hands.

Can be use to clean makeup completely. Olive oil is an oil that can be use to thoroughly remove makeup. Including being gentle on the facial skin as well. Especially the delicate skin around the eyes. Requires caution when washing off. Using olive oil mixed with warm water will help remove mascara. or eyeliner that adheres well It also reduces damage to the skin around the eyes.

Helps prevent friction from shaving. Before you start shaving your arms and legs, moisten them thoroughly with extra virgin olive oil. Then gently shave. The olive oil will help reduce skin friction. Prevents skin irritation while shaving. In addition, olive oil will help moisturize your hair after shaving, making it less dry and itchy.

Helps nourish lips to be soft and moisturized. Olive oil can help nourish and moisturize your lips as well. By mixing extra virgin olive oil with a little sugar. Along with adding a bit of lemon juice and warm water. To apply to the lips The acids from olive oil and lemon juice exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal smooth, soft, and moisturized lips.

Helps reduce wrinkle problems and scars Applying olive oil to wrinkle areas will help increase skin elasticity. Including gently massaging the scar area for about 5 minutes, then leaving it for about 10 minutes and then rinsing it off. The vitamins and minerals in olive oil help skin cells work better. Create new skin Makes scars gradually fade Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Helps to nourish cracked heels.  Olive oil is extremely hydrating. Therefore, it is suitable for nourishing dry, cracked or dry parts. such as cracked heels and calluses Massage olive oil into the dry area and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes without washing off. Do it every day. The dry areas will gradually become smoother and more moisturized. 

Used as an ingredient in facial masks. Using water and olive oil as ingredients in a facial mask. It will help add moisture to the facial skin, for example, mix it with Thanaka or turmeric and leave it on for about 10-20 minutes. In addition to getting smoothness and moisture, The skin is also clear. If done regularly, it will help solve the problem of dark circles. Olive oil can also be use on all skin types. Because olive oil does not cause clogging.